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timefallsaway's Journal

and she would change everything, everything

Female. 17. You call it inane, she calls it fascinating.

television;; 30 rock, saturday night live, pushing daisies, ugly betty, parks and recreation, skins, the whitest kids u'know, monty python's flying circus, heroes, gossip girl, always sunny in philadelphia, aliens in america, doctor who, scrubs, veronica mars, friends, freaks and geeks, seinfeld, flight of the conchords, mad men, extras, glee...

films;; sorry, I'm not even going to attempt this one.

music;; david bowie, queen, 3oh!3, the lonely island, the format, lady gaga, cobra starship, rogue traders, joshua radin, the ting tings, the pipettes, jason mraz, ingrid michaelson, m.i.a, lady sovereign, busted, reik, taylor swift, electric six, santogold, the killers, feist, alan menken, the darkness, mgmt, oren lavie, katy perry, jon mclaughlin, ok go, the small faces, the beatles, emiliana torrini, patrick wolf, jonas brothers, mika, frank sinatra, michael buble, lily allen, britney spears, the ordinary boys, flight of the conchords, the beach boys, fightstar, wilco, justin timberlake, darin, belanova, blink-182, matt willis, rajaton, regina spektor...

fame, what's your name?;; tina fey, amy poehler, andy samberg, jorma taccone, akiva shaffer, simon pegg, natalie portman, scarlett johannson, alec baldwin, lee pace, kristen chenoweth, jack mcbrayer, tracy morgan, justin timberlake, bill hader, jason siegel, ellen page, michael cera, kaya scodelario, nicholas holt...

other;; books, art, photography, writing, book binding, collages, art history, travel, language, soccer/football, and probably some other stuff too...

just ask her.

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